National Emerald Classic 万博客户端手机版_manbetx官方网站登录_万博体育网页版登录

Under the leadership of the state-leveled emerald and jade carving master Ye Fuhuan,
万博客户端手机版_manbetx官方网站登录_万博体育网页版登录 takes the promotion of Chinese jade culture as its duty,
publicizes Chinese emerald and jade carving skills,
helps the Chinese emerald to go to the world.

万博客户端手机版_manbetx官方网站登录_万博体育网页版登录’s propaganda film
Choice of tastes
  • Emerald boutique decorative series
  • 18K gold inlaid emerald series
  • Exquisite emerald accessories series
  • Exquisite pendant/hand plaything series